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Your Money Is Finished The Moment She Knows Where You Keep It


Your Money Is Finished The Moment She Knows Where You Keep It

Women are very essential to every man, believe me, for many, they are incomplete without woman despite the fact that many consider them to be “serpent”, they are inevitable in every home, their inestimable importance can never be overlooked by those who knows the worth of a good woman.

Women i am sorry the issue of discussion for the moment is against you, this shouldn’t be taken serious but on a lighter note as this funny reality must be made known to those who don’t know how it is. Trust me I am not bias, tomorrow may be against men.

To the issue of discussion, it should be known to those who are inexperienced that dealing with a woman requires special reasoning because no matter the age difference, so far she is your a woman she is wiser, as a man the technicality should always prove you to be ahead.

For you to keep money somewhere with her knowledge you must make sure you are ready to spend all or it is what you have planned to spend possibly with her, or else, that money is in trouble and if care is not taken you will not use it for the purpose you book it for.

Generally, when women sees any amount of money with you is when they start reminding you of things you promise them and that which you didn’t promise but they think is needed.

Throughout the period the money is still remaining your names as the man will be so sweet and romantic till it is all gone so that their request will be met without hindrance as they know you are capable at that point.

It is important you know that it is not because they don’t have money with them is the reason for taking or asking from you. They will keep their’s where you will never think of. 

I guess men can also know where they keep it but because we want to threat them well so we don’t bother about that most times since we have what they want. 
You are even lucky if you are aware before she takes the money for whatever she want to use it for as she knows you cannot do anything for her if she uses the money without your consent, to avoid stories that may touch the heart just keep your money which you have some other plans for out of the reach of your woman just like it is written on almost all drugs that you should take it out of the reach of children.

It is not as if they are being wicked, that is how many of them are provisioned, when you mention women you should know they are as friendly as anything when money is around. 

Though, we are all very happy when money is available, but women will teach you how dangerous they are when you leave them with money.

I am aware that some men are also like this, they always pray to know where their woman keeps her money so as to steal and do as if they never knew where she keeps her money simply because she never told them where she keeps her money in the first place.

It doesn’t matter how much a woman makes, no matter how rich she might be, your money isn’t safe if she knows where it is especially if it is in the house, she will have finished the money before you realize it’s all gone.

This is why some men don’t disclose the exact amount they earn to their woman because if he is not careful there wouldn’t be savings. 

Little wonder some women still ask their husband for money even when he says he is financially down because they know many men are not truthful about the amount they earn.

Now let’s be truthful, how many of you is truthful about your earnings to your woman? 

This is my opinion, kindly share your opinion.



Picture credit: threesixtyGh

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