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Women Are Often The Cause Of The Fall Of Strong Men


Women Are Often The Cause Of The Fall Of Strong Men

Don’t say I don’t like women when you see this after my post yesterday which is also against women.
If you are reading for the first time you can read through my blog especially where I wrote in support of women, I might write against men tomorrow, I am not a bias blogger.
To the issue of discussion, I wouldn’t say it is just me because it is what we all know, not just men but women themselves are aware of this too.
Despite the fact that many women try not to expose their man to the world, many will have done it before realising what they did shouldn’t have happened through them.
No matter how strong a man can be, his woman “can” kill him without stress.
I am not talking about just his wife, concubines most of the times are the culprit.
Most men are controlled by the stick in between their legs, that is where the brain is to them and this is why they fall cheaply.
I don’t think i need to start mentioning names for examples, we are all aware of those names I might mention from Nigeria to other places around the world and end it in the garden of Eden as claimed by the Bible.
Like I used to say, the power of women is so enormous and beyond man’s understanding.
If a woman is gentle, loving and caring I will advise you don’t take her for granted if you don’t want her to deliver you into the hands of your enemies.
Women most times use your weakness against you, this is why it is advisable you keep your strongest weakness away from the reach of women so that it will not be used against you one day.
Even if you claim not to have any secret that a woman must not know, you still need to thread with caution.
The fact like I said earlier is that women most times don’t know when they allow themselves to be used against you till after the deed is done.
It is rare to hear that a man expose his woman to the world, before you even hear one of such instance 20 cases of women surrendering their man to their enemy will have messed up the whole place.
A man will rather punish you internally when you go wrong than expose you to the world.
But one truth is that no matter how deadly we might consider women to be men cannot do without them, their importance is much than our understanding also.
Even though we know they are silent killers we will still trust them with our life.
There are also many women that made their man the great man he is, this is the kind of woman men should be praying for and not that poisonous one.
This is why I so much pity those men that cheat as they are living inside terrible danger.
You will be afraid of your woman as she might do the unthinkable if she hears and even the one outside will want to do everything possible to win you completely or even get everything she wants anytime she ask and she can adopt any tactics to make you pay attention to her.
I am not saying you should be afraid of your woman, most of them walk you to your success, however, if you marry the wrong woman you are doomed for life.
This is my opinion, add comment, your contribution and review is completely welcome.
Picture credit: Thong Vo

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