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Reason Why Intercourse Among Teenagers Is A Disadvantage To The Girl


Reason Why Intercourse Among Teenagers Is A Disadvantage To The Girl

This is a big issue among teenagers, many often even argue so hard about s3x that after all said and done some will decide she will not allow him till wedding night.

The bad thing is that girls of this age cannot stand till that wedding night. Not because she cannot keep to her words but because she want to feel what others had felt as she will not want to be left out of the drama and experience.
One thing is that the possibility of waiting till that night is very slim when you start the relationship at an early stage.
Nowadays, girls of 15, 16,17 or less are bold to say they have boy-lover, not to their parent though. Tell me how you will not fall victim to guys who are searching for girls to dis-virgin, clean mouth and run!
I am not saying some relationships started at a young age cannot see the light of the day, however, many cannot last long as the two involved don’t know what they want yet, this is a topic for discussion on another post (watch out).
Do you know unlike the male counterpart, once you lose the virginity you cannot get it back? Not that the male can go back to their formal them before the sex, but it can be hidden even till eternity.

Yes you know; you have listened to many experiences about it, yet, you never thought of how to use iron padlock around that area.

The bad news will dawn on you the day your potential husband want to do the deal after you have done as if you are the bible class leader in your church.
The disappointment you will make him feel will not leave him anytime soon provided he is the reserved one and not the one that has left some other ladies dis-flowered for their man.
A man can lie that he has never done it before, not a woman, unless you want to lie that you were raped or you got dis-flowered while doing exercise because you were thought in school; but whatever the case is, you know the truth and it will keep burning inside you, especially when you have a responsible man as your husband in the future.
Even if he pretends to have forgotten about it so soon because of love, it will keep ringing in your head once in a while like you lost someone so dear to your heart.
There is a responsible man out there who deserves to have you completely, who you don’t need to keep the secret for till the day he will find out the truth.
So keep yourself away from those naughty guys who want the goodies alone and run after taking half of you away.
I know some men will say they did it together after she agreed.

Don’t forget men can really say that word a lady wants to hear that will make her bow for whatever proposal and we often use it against them as most are moved by what they hear.

To my girls, it is important you note that you are the pride of your parents and your man to be will be the best testifier of their trainings.

Please add your comment, your contribution is important to me.
Picture credit: Jan Vasek

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