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Know The Complete Condition Of Your Spouse Before Tying The Knot


Know The Complete Condition Of Your Spouse Before Tying The Knot

This I know will cause different controversies, however, the fact must be established.
I have heard of so many instances whereby the spouse never knew each other as they should before marriage which caused one of them to regret ever tying the knot with their spouse.
Not just me, most of us know there are many religious homes where it is their doctrine that you must not be too familiar with your spouse before wedding.
They even make it mandatory that you must go to visit your spouse with a friend when you are going for visit before marriage.
Restrictions upon restrictions, yet, homes that was established by great men of God are going down the drain all thanks to the restrictions.
I know this restrictions have worked for many, but in this century you shouldn’t try to buy the market you have never tested.
You need to know your spouse completely before you even agree to be with them forever if you don’t want to weep for life.
Well, divorce is not even new to anyone anymore, but my concern is this, why most you start what you cannot finish?
They give you restrictions and you think we the youth of this generation deserve such restrictions with several atrocities and so on we have committed.
You should know almost if not all about your partner before marriage in order to avert stories that touch the heart.
How will you be able to disclose deepest secrets to each other when you have a friend who has accompanied you to your partner’s home?
Let’s be sincere with each other, you need to even make love with each other to know the true nature of the feelings with each other.
I am not saying this for us to now use it as a yard stick to make love to as much as possible opposite sex, but because you need to know if your partner has the required attributes.
Have you forgotten there are some men who cannot make love with the opposite sex?
Have you forgotten there are some women without the entry?
There are so many issues I have heard and read about which you can actually avert if you know your spouse the way you should know them before sealing the relationship for life.
No one wished that their union ends untimely but we can make such happen if we don’t know all about our partner before tying the knot.
The restrictions are good but not for the youth of this generation because advancement has led to many unbelievable things.
Our parents even don’t know many things about us like they think they do because of those we mingle with and the things we see everyday.
I don’t think i need to mention about medical test as it is more than important for you to know each other’s stand medically.
Don’t let love to overwhelm you to believe whatever your spouse say they are medically as some will never tell you the truth so that you will not leave them.
But no problem when you know your partner’s medical condition and you stay no matter what, at least you know unlike when you think you know and that you think you know is complete opposite of the situation.
Did you know your spouse completely before marriage? What will advise young lovers about to seal the relationship as regards this issue? 
Please add comment and review as your contribution is highly important.
Picture credit:  Wu Jianxiong

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