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Important Action To Take To Get Your Facebook Page Active


Important Action To Take To Get Your Facebook Page Active

Many of us including  companies, organizations, institutions or for personal use
 with associated facebook page for the purpose of making our customers/clients and those people that likes our page to see posts we put on the page needs this.
You don’t need to promote your page to get more likes anymore as facebook will no more show whatever you put on your page to those who liked the page anymore as in line with the new development announed and activated last week. 
For your posts on your page to be seen by anyone, it must be boosted/promoted with your money.
This is what i think you need do now:
You need to start using personal facebook account and start making new friends on facebook. To get your page post seen by those who are your friends on facebook, just share that page post to your timeline through facebook app or any other  browser and not through the facebook page application (the application will only share it to your page again).
With this, you need to make more friends on facebook as facebook will only be showing your facebook friends whatever you post directly on your timeline.
Your page post will be seen by not just those that liked your page, but everyone you choose through targeting when you have the money to promote or boost it.
Remember, Whatsapp status is another way to get your customers (those you saved their number and those of them that saved your number) to see those items on Jumia that you want them to see for possible order. 
I hope this helps

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