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Deadly Disadvantages Of No Intercourse Before Marriage Relationship


Deadly Disadvantages Of No Intercourse Before Marriage Relationship

The post is not completely what the topic says, my pastor will call me to order if i write against what he preaches against.
I am not a pastor, I am not a saint, i wouldn’t be an hypocrite, in fact I am blunt and I like it that way.
I usually say, “this is my opinion, you are free to criticise my opinion”. So, be free to go against what you are about to read.
To the issue of discussion.

I know some people are in a no s3x relationship, I am not referring to those who have not done it once or those that  are restricted by their strict religious doctrine, in fact no religion even approve of s3x before marriage but many of us just throw that doctrine into dust bin.
Even among these place of worships with so called strict religious doctrine, I have seen some of their members go against that doctrine times unnumbered.
Personally, I think a no s3x before relationship will work effectively when non of those two involved have never tasted s3x.
I also believe in total abstinence till after the knot is tied, this can make such agreement realistic, but to get such in this century isn’t hard though but it takes God’s grace. 
If one or the two have done it before it “might” not be easy to go through a no s3x before marriage relationship.
Yes, some that have done it before they started another relationship shunned the s3x before marriage temptation before the relationship was sealed, remember, you were never with them, you don’t know how they scaled through.
The truth be told, many cannot hold themselves if they have ever done it before.
Some will claim they are in a no s3x before marriage relationship, yet you see them doing stuffs with another woman or man outside their relationship.
Who are you deceiving when you do the above?
1. The first disadvantage of a no s3x before marriage for someone who has done it before is pushing her into the mouth of a hungry Lion and making the man go hiding while satisfying his sexual hunger with another opposite sex.
Your partner who made such decision didn’t know the implications maybe because he/she has not done it before, and you also accepted because the love has blindfolded your sense of reasoning and because you think you can cope.
Yes, you want them badly, you don’t want them to have a negative thought about you, however, it is something the two of you must sit and discuss thoroughly, as it is not just the simple way you think it is.
Don’t be deceived, we all know the standard, but there are many hypocrites when it comes to the issue of Sex.
What they do in secret they will tell you to run away from it because you cannot see them when they are doing the banging.
The problem with s3x is that once you try it out you are in almost forever, it takes something extra ordinary to stop in order to continue at the “right time”.
It is when you stop it for a long time every opposite sex no matter the look becomes romantic to you.
Also, when you see something seductive your sexual sense comes alive.
Someone you will not on a normal day look at even once will become sexually attractive to you. Your s3x organ becomes hyper-sensitive when you are around people of opposite gender. You start making love in your dreams and all. 
2. Masturbation isn’t good but it is yet another disadvantage of a no s3x before marriage relationship for someone that has done it before. At least you will not know when they do it.
Looking for an opposite sex to do it with is even very hard, masturbation is completely easy as your partner don’t need to go out, in fact, you can boast all you like that your partner is not the out going type, why will he/she go out when the solution to satisfy their sexual pleasure is always indoor and not stressful.
The problem comes when you will have done all that is expected to make the marriage legal but your partner lose sexual interest in you easily as the masturbation has gone deeper than what you can ever imagine because masturbation is addictive and can kill the sense of making love with the opposite sex as quick as anything.
If you like say no wonder there are many baby mamas/papas this days, they did not hide from the truth, many of you that abuse them are those that will do it quietly and remove the fruit of the whole labour by force so as not to attract negative attention.
Don’t get me wrong, pre-marital sex isn’t the best, in fact, s3x will make your relationship stronger at the appropriate time, premarital sex is not the standard, however, for someone who isn’t a virgin or a man who has done it before you don’t need to hide the fact that you want it from your partner. 
If you can hold yourself, fine.
At least it is better than messing around while your partner thinks you are really following the agreement and you suddenly become deaf and dumb when you are caught in the act or possibly when you get another lady pregnant meanwhile your partner thinks you are obedient to the no premarital sex agreement, you will now make them to look like fool at the end when they could have bent the rule for you.
Learn to always communicate in your relationship, no feeling should scare you to discuss with your partner, you are the secret keeper of each other.
Your partner might even have reasonable alternatives which can only be exposed when you refuse to hide your feelings.
This is my opinion, your comment and review are always welcome.
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